Basketball is a very popular sport in the United States and worldwide.

Basketball Injuries
Injuries in basketball are common. In athletes followed for 2 seasons, 45% of basketball players experience some form of injury(1). The most common injuries involve the ankle and knee.  Ankle sprain is the most common injury.  Other common basketball injuries include: thigh strains, lumbar spine injury, stress fractures and concussion (4%). Knees injuries, while not the most common injury, cause the most time lost from play. Center player injuries are more common than forward player injuries.

Basketball Injury Rick Factors
Basketball injury risks factors include: playing in games, playing the center position, having a previous history of injury.

Basketball Injury Prevention
Ankle sprains and ankle injuries are the most common injuries in basketball.  Proprioceptive training exercises have been shown to decrease the risk of ankle injury in backetball by 35% when donefor 20 minutes once per week (2).  Proprioceptive exercises included 6 stations involving walking, balancing, jumping, and/or dribbling, using a balance beam, tilt board, inclined surface, soft or firm mat, or resistance strap, with or without a ball or partner.

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