BMI or Body Mass Index is defined as the individual's body weight divided by the square of his or her height.  It is a used as a numeric measure of a person's "fatness" or "thinness", and is a ruff estimate for determining if someone is over- or under-weight.  

Body Mass Index (BMI) = wt (kg) / height2 (m2). 

  • BMI < 18.5 = underweight, concern for malnutrition
  • BMI 18.5 - 24.9 = Normal
  • BMI 25-29.9 = overweight
  • BMI 30 - 34.9 = Obesity Class I
  • BMI 35 - 39.9 = Obesity Class II
  • BMI > 40 = Obesity Class III (morbid obesity)

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