Prepatellar Bursitis

prepatellar bursitis 

Prepatellar Bursitis Description
Prepatellar Bursitis is a common cause of pain and swelling in the front of the knee.  It generally occurs in people who kneel frequently and put a lot of stress on their knee caps.  Prepatellar burisitis is commonly found in constuction workers, carpet layers, plumbers, electricians, and gardeners.  Prepatellar bursitis may also occur from trauma to the knee.

Prepatellar Bursitis Anatomy
The prepatellar Bursa is a small fluid filled sac in the front of the knee.  It acts as a cushion between the skin and the knee cap (patella)

Prepatellar Bursitis Symptoms
Prepatellar Bursitis causes pain and swelling in the front of the knee cap (patella).

Prepatellar Bursitis Treatment 
Prepatellar Bursitis s diagnosed based on a detailed history, physical exam and xrays performed by an orthopaedic surgeon, or sports medicine specialist.

Prepatellar bursitis is treated with ice, NSAIDs, compression, and avoiding any further pressure on the front of the knee.  For those who frequently kneel on the knee it is important to stop this activity until the bursitis is improved.  Once the bursitis has improved wearing knee pads can help prevent recurrence. 

Athletes returning to sports after Prepatellar Bursitis should begin with a graduated exercise program. First they should be pain free with daily activities with full range of motion and at least 85% strength in the injured leg compared to the uninjured leg. Exercise begins with light jogging in a straight line, followed by sprinting in a straight line. When these have been done without pain the athlete can proceed to doing agility type drills such as 45º cuts, 90º cuts and jumping. Agility drills should begin at half-speed and proceed to full-speed provided the athlete remains pain free.

Prepatellar Bursitis Prevention
Prevention of Prepatellar Bursitis involves avoiding continually kneeling on the knees.  For those people who do frequent kneel in their sport or occuation wearing knee pads can help decrease the incidence of prepatellar bursitis

Prepatellar Bursitis Risk Factors
Prepatellar Bursitis is associated the following sports: Baseball; Dance; Football; Gymnastics; Wrestling.  Prepatellar bursitis is associated with several occupation constuction workers, carpet layers, plumbers, electricians, and gardeners

Prepatellar Bursitis Rehab and Exercise Program
Prepatellar Bursitis

Prepatellar Bursitis Outcomes
Prepatellar Bursitis generally resolves well with treatment.  Recurrence is not uncommon for people involve in occupations where they kneel frequently. 

Similar injuries that can be confused with Prepatellar Bursitis include:

Prepatellar Bursitis, knee pain

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