Quadriceps Contusion

Quad Contusion Description
Quad Contusion is a deep bruise to the quadriceps muscles in the front of the thigh.  Quad contusions are frequent injuries in contact sports such as football and rugby.

Quad Contusion Anatomy
Quad Contusion is an injury to the quadriceps muscles.  The quadriceps muscle is a group of four muscles in the front of the thigh.   The quad muscles include the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius and the rectus femoris

Quad Contusion Symptoms
Quad Contusion causes pain and swelling in the front of the thigh.  This generally occurs after the thigh is hit by a hard object, such as an opponents helmet.

Quad Contusion Treatment 
Quad Contusion s diagnosed based on a detailed history, physical exam and xrays performed by an orthopaedic surgeon, or sports medicine specialist.

Quad contusions are initially treated with the standard RICE program.  Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.  Compression is best achieved with a Thigh Sleeve.  After the initial period of rest a gentle hamstring stretching program and  a gradual return to activities and sports is taken.

Athletes returning to sports after Quad Contusion should begin with a graduated exercise program. First they should be pain free with daily activities with full range of motion and at least 85% strength in the injured leg compared to the uninjured leg. Exercise begins with light jogging in a straight line, followed by sprinting in a straight line. When these have been done without pain the athlete can proceed to doing agility type drills such as 45º cuts, 90º cuts and jumping. Agility drills should begin at half-speed and proceed to full-speed provided the athlete remains pain free.

Quad Contusion Prevention
Prevention of Quad Contusion revolves around wearing appropriate Football pads.  

Quad Contusion Risk Factors
Quad Contusion is associated the following sports: Baseball; Basketball; Football; Hockey;Rugby; Soccer; Wrestling.

Quad Contusion Rehab and Exercise Program
Quad Contusion

Quad Contusion Outcomes
Quad Contusions generally resolve completely over time and with treatment with no long term effects.  Severe contusions can develop calcifications in the injured muscle known as myositis ossificans, which can cause stiffness and limit knee flexion. 

Similar injuries that can be confused with Quad Contusion include:

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