Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is a free and easy way to exercise and improve your cardiovascular fitness, loose weight and improve your health.  For those people who live or work in high-rise buildings simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator can lead to improved fitness and health. 

Stair climbing can also be a very effective exercise. During stair climbing you must work against gravity, which makes stair clmbing a high-intensity exercise which is more stenuous than running on level ground.  The intensity level of stair climbing provides a fast, high calorie burn, allowing stair climbers to spend less time working out as well.  Stair climbing can also be a total body workout.  Using the handrail to propel yourself up the stairs can build strong legs and arms.

Tower running
Stair climbing has evolved into an extreme sport known as Tower Running.  Tower running is known for its intense mental and physical challanges and is consider to be one of the most grueling of extreme sports.  Tower running events occur annually around the world.  Examples include:
The Big Climb, a race up 69 flights of the Columbia Center tower in Seattle.
US Bank Tower in Los Angeles
John Hancock Center in Chicago
Stratosphere in Las Vegas. 

Stair Climbing Tips
Always check with your doctor to make sure you don't have health-related issues that could be aggravated by exercise.  Begin slowly and gradually build your endurance.  Do not start your first day of stair running by sprinting up the Sears Tower.  You may pass out at the 5th floor and fall back down.   Consider taking the elevator down to reduce stress on joints and muscles. If you do not live near a high-rise building use the local high school stadium stairs.

Stair Climbing Equipement
Stair climbing can be done in running shoes or cross training shoes.  Athletic shoes should have good arch support, firm heals and flexible, shock absorbing soles. Everyones feet and walking technique can be slightly different and it is best to have your shoes fitted by a trained professional. Tips on fitting shoes can be found here.

Clothing for stair climbing should be loosefitting and comfortable.  It is often beneficial to dress in layers so you can adjust to various temperatures. 

Stair Climbing Stretches
Generally stretching exercises for walking include the following:
Calf stretch
Quadriceps Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Iliotibial band stretch

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